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People nowadays are too busy working that cooking and preparing for parties is such a big hassle for them that’s why majority would rather pay for a catered menu. A homemaker who wants to help and add an extra income for her family could start a small catering business. A fresh graduate of a culinary course can also start their own catering services, aside from the knowledge, experience and the amount of capital invested, equipment, tools and supplies should not be taken for granted for they play a big part in the success of your gig.

Bar Equipment

Every catering business is different and having a bar service is not a requirement but it would also be nice to have one especially if you’re on a dinner party. Having a wide collection of wines, champagne and other beverage sets up the mood of your customers thus giving them the sense of fulfillment. Having ice buckets, coolers, pourers, spirit decanters and bottle stops on your catering gig will be a big help.

Glassware and Serving Dishes

You should have a wide variety of glassware for your catering business. It’s not just all about the food or drinks that you serve but how you present them plays a big role for a catering service to be likable. The serving dishes should match the catering menu and glassware should also be appropriate for the beverage that’s being served.


Commercial Kitchen Equipment

In every catering business, you don’t just buy equipment because it’s cheap. It is every caterer’s responsibility to invest in a quality kitchen equipment such as broilers, stoves, steamers, commercial grills and ovens. Food preparation tools must haves include mixers, knives, blenders, etc. Coffee makers and espresso machines are also great add ons.

Staff Uniforms

The chef and servers should always be presentable as it is a part of professionalism. Reports on having an untidy server is the last thing that you would want to worry about.

Cleaning Supplies

Dishwashing liquids and sponges are essentials of any catering business. Cleaning materials should never be missed out of the inventory. It is also important to have commercial dishwashers, stain removers, laundry detergents and cleaning chemicals since tablecloths are also provided in any catering business.


A bar catering equipment and supplies that are of great quality may cost you a lot of money but let me remind you that they also play a vital role in the quality of food and service that you are going to offer. In order to have a successful catering business, you should always go for the best .